Friday, September 7, 2007

wow... yeah!!...????

AAPL: talk about a screaming buy. i do understand that theyʻre primarily a consumer company with niche in graphics and multimedia. but with the iPhone discount and new iPods for the holiday season. man... but as i said no way iʻm touching this. you could buy a 10cent call contract and hope for a bounce on Monday. but donʻt count on it. in terms of the straight up stock. you could start buying.
-remember Leopard OS is coming out. waiting to hear the European deals as well...

RIMM: whacked again. but my Jan113.5call sure got attention from some buyers. hold on tight for sept 27.
SNCR: follows AAPL. itʻll have a nice quarter come holiday season... and new european deals.
VMW: will be facing some competition with MSFT. but i laugh at MSFT... Vista is a rip-off of Mac OS X all over. Itʻs basically a bunch of nicer graphics...inferior to Apple of course... but useful. my wife still uses a superior OS... Win XP Pro.
- do not underestimate MSFTs ability to throw alot of bogus claims that people spin and believe...

PALM: irritatingly stable. it should be pronounced dead. iPhone $399 (phone + iPod) versus Treo 755/750 $199 or $299
DELL: finally some logic my sept25put still has a chance though i doubt it. sept22.5 still somewhat valid. loss for now
CFC/DHI/LEN: i donʻt know why i still bother mentioning them. but iʻd get out if uʻr shorting. if u got puts hold

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