Thursday, September 13, 2007

bull continues... "stoch" accurate?

itʻs 5 a.m. (my time). i figured, itʻs time to look at some technicals and see how it relates to fundamentals. so more charts!!! tho i may start getting rid of time wasters here: LEN/CFC/DHI. but iʻll follow tech, itʻs their time of the year. tho problems are on the horizon.

- CREDIT WOES, HOUSING WOES, OIL PRICES. All of which affect luxury purchases. FED is predicted to cut rates again, which has led to a rally.

so, weʻll see how the economy, company fundamentals & potential, technicals, and stock reputation affect stock price. here we go...

ECONOMY: potential rate cut next week. AP/Yahoo Finance reported: "The Labor Department reported claims for unemployment benefits rose by 4,000 last week to 319,000 -- the sixth increase in seven weeks -- but the number was less than the 325,000 claims analysts expected. Low unemployment, at 4.6 percent, has been one of the economy's strengths."
itʻs good bad news?

RIMM: as i watch another missed opportunity pass me by, having sold my calls too early. a good friend spooked me yesterday. then again a bad jobs report couldʻve sent things down.well, i wait patiently for another. it always seem bullish in general. you can lose your...well anyway, if you try to short them.
-Funda/Potential: still growing. best email software. only competition AAPL in the consumer space.
-REP: the tech bulls buy this stock 1st b4 elsewhere.
-STOCH, claims it still has room to move up.

AAPL: holding up.
-funda/poten: innovative, the ppl w/$ is who they target. smart huh?
-REP: lots a waves... best swing trading stock, manipulated everywhere. buy on upcoming news, then sell on report. buy prior to earnings then sell day of... if it goes green, then uʻll have a nice rally. MACWORLD definitely $$$.
-STOCH says still underbought.

SNCR: definitely kickinʻ butt.
-FUNDA/Potential: no competition. good position, huh...
-REP: follows AAPL... tho % change greater. itʻs waiting to break 40ʻs
-STOCH:it has entered overbought territory.

VMW: has no "stoch" yet. but itʻs been on fire. look for a breakout in the 80s
IDCC: i wonʻt bother til earnings... weʻll see if AAPL deal affects it

PALM: everything fundamentally says they stink, what does the Stoch say?

DELL: solid company really. maybe itʻs another emotional trade for me. maybe a spec. the STOCH says buy!, but i say no. fundamentally, theyʻre having to fighting off ACER, LENOVO, AAPL on the consumer end... now that theyʻre selling at Wallmart & Sams, i think thatʻs tough, WMT is a tough retailer who sqeezes margins. tho i must say Samʻs Club is a good place to buy iPods a few bucks cheaper. and HPQ on the biz side(which is where their $$$ is) Objectively, itʻs a wait and see. but i see how my Sept puts was a really bad trade. Jan puts still in play.

-The Losers
CFC, LEN, DHI... iʻll update this later...

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