Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AMZN...And More

Thursday... AMZN i think will open at itʻs lowest of the day. So, i am selling my puts ASAP. i may dip back in at the close, but i think itʻs best to get the profits.

I think i am too late to catch HOT. Although, maybe i have a indirect position going with WYNN & LVS, as the HOT guidance is read. all i know is that no more vacationers that live off credit.

Speaking of which MA reports tomorrow. itʻs a toss up for me. i already am holding AXP. which didnʻt move much, but with the FED outa the way. we might move lower as other companies repeat their mantra "potential economic pressure" on earnings this year.

The big one to watch is GOOG. They are basically ad-based. So, i think they meet... i may do an option strangle. but it would be an expensive endeavor.

"Fun" Friday has a bunch of Eco news that can wipe any positive earnings for the day... so, pick your high flyer... i am thinking financials, or specific overpriced stocks (in my opinion): CMG, LVS, SHLD. unemployment numbers are a strong gauge for the economy.

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