Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Time Factors... Yahoo Finance Data

Yesterdays MacWorld loses was based on going the wrong way AS WELL AS buying calls so close to expiration. Of course, had they gone green i'd the man (until i lost the dough again).

Lesson re-learned along with a bunch of others that i already knew...
Anyway, altho JPM & WFC are indeed pre-market green, they both cite unsure futures. So, buying time on their falling in March/April

Tech on the other hand (thx to bland MacWorld & Bad INTC views) is falling hard NOW before the market opens. Tech may catch last years Aug lows... AAPL as an example fell hard to 150. I hesitate to hold these past the FED's beige book @ 2pm EST...
For those that have been waiting for BEAS to agree to ORCL buy out, today is your day.

FYI, IBM earnings was listed on Yahoo Finance as being on Jan 17. So, double check earnings list... not sure if it would have change my trades on Jan 15, but missed opportunities can be costly.

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