Friday, January 4, 2008

Another Opportunity...

Well had i gone ahead and bought LVS puts i would be having a nice day... especially had i previously bought MON.

Alas, the could have been is an exercise in futility. My portfolio at this point is boring. But itʻs staying positive. (thx, FXP). I am trying to gather list of recession stocks that bank... not just remain bullet-proof. I cant base my whole world around FXP (or SKF/SRS) and AAPL. well, maybe i could...

Happy note for me is that Tech took a dive. I seriously want AAPL to keep taking blows leading up to MacWorld. Then again, it was exacerbated by Mr. Moritz of He has a knack for finding unfounded info that blasts AAPL. He claims yet another supplier citing a slowdown in orders from AAPL. Did he ever thought that AAPL may actually have something of a design change? Anyway, I would have liked a slower fall than one like today that can cause a reflex pop. Either way, all this bad news prior to MacWorld is what i want.

I was tipped yesterday to start putting GRMN, talk about an over-priced stock. There may be a bounce somewhere next week, especially if Big Ben saves the bulls. IWM should be on our radars... if it dips below 70... the bears will indeed rule at least the first Q or 2 of 2008 (w/a possible bull run @ years end).

Finally, a safer play may be USO call options. January 10 & 11 have a bunch of oil related news, not to mention: housing, consumer credit, more jobless data, and Trade balance. Really, next week is another bull killing week.

Intuitive, Tim, FLY, Bee... all have similar perspectives... and thatʻs scary... if you are indeed a bull

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Gio said...

Everyone looking for a deadcat bounce monday, since intc painted the tape bright red... If that's the case, ill be shorting on a dow up more than 150.

I realy don't have any great shorting ideas, but the dry bulks sector looking like a huge HS pattern. Attack now!!!!!