Thursday, January 3, 2008

MON... a winner...Me...nevermind

MON was on the radar... and the pop in the stock at the end of the trading day said it all. I was looking at it til the last 30 seconds. props to all those who went all in... Iʻm looking to get some dips if this stock continues upward... competitor SYT is up as well, in now out from under the radar and should grab attention in the next few weeks. we will see if how options boards respond.

So, despite all the recession talk... this bodes well for companies that are rock solid

FXP is tipping down for now...but itʻs a winner in my book. AAPL & FSLR... maybe GOOG...

Oh, one last thing. buy your puts in LVS or vacation hotels, etc. if the recession does indeed hit. No ones taking a vacation anytime soon.


Mytone said...

With oil up maybe time into cheap solar stocks, or m-a-y-b-e buy a put on USO.

stucktrader said...
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stucktrader said...

oil is indeed still a very cyclical comod(i.e. follows historical patterns). it will likely be stuck around 100 (barring civil unrest). You will need to move quickly if you plan to do puts.

this year i am more cautious. as you can tell by my not touching MON, when i had all the data saying otherwise.