Thursday, January 31, 2008


The rumor is that AMZN has an unannouced stock buy back... totally irritating...
It opened at the low of the day and indeed cut its loss. The premarket buying pretty much sealed the deal. I have no choice but to hold soon to be expired contracts into tomorrows eco news. hopefully the news is bad enough to take the broad market lower, but especially tech. so, obviously i am hoping GOOG gets shot down (altho my gut feeling is it head higher).

MA kicking butt like every Q earnings. go check it out... anyway, it blasted past its 50day EMA. Being a Bear, I may try to get Apr 160 puts at days end if i get my price.

I did buy COH Feb 27.5 put. Strictly bot on the chart as its bouncing of resistance:

I also bought AEO Mar 20 put (Gio mentioned YESTERDAY)... i am late and the candlestick may seem contrary, but i think i sinks lower tomorrow.

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Gio said...

Yeah, no way could i declare victory on AMZN after that cc. Anyway, I'm holding. They now have lofty standards fill in an ugly retail market.

bwa ha haa!