Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Bot MORE puts:
itʻs doubtful that my positioning today has much merit. but i am totally basing my puts on earnings. Anyway, most of my cash as most of the pros are doing stays cash...

KLAC (i shouldʻve waited tomorrow, they reported after close)
BSC (not a good idea...i should have waited for it to touch 50dayEMA)
XRX (hope it falls hard enough if at all)

wanted to, but they stayed red... so, i stayed away:

got in too late... maybe a good thing
LVS, CMG... but i am in no rush if they stay positive

GIO went Short(yesterdays leaders: esp solars) & Long (bottoms)

btw, MyTone are you still out there?

Now, Tech will be a slave to MSFTʻs earnings.
If good news after hours from them, Tech will rally continues... if not we know where weʻre going.

I will buy CAT puts (and maybe HON) tomorrow on bad fundamentals the rest of the year... They both report Friday.

Alot of people bought the bottom today... it seems safer to buy here than where Tim did... props to all of you who did... keep nimble.


Gio said...

No shorts left for me. I shorted Jaso for about 10 mins, took a shower, dried myself off and took my profits. Lol!

Gio said...

Get ready to go long tech for the day...

MSFT, T, NOK reports.

EBAY already doing some damage though.

If market turns red, shorting the usual... DECK, DRYS, TNH