Friday, January 18, 2008


STX 120% gain not bad... i will remind myself continually of how dumb my MacWorld plan was... and now iʻm having to do these small trades. but at the same time i am being forced into more efficient trades. banking profits bit by bit.

So bush proposes $145B for the economy. uh, hello? am i getting part of that? where is that 145 going to anyway? (rhetorical question). these bums want to money to bail them out of their greed while we normal people have to WORK to get out of our debts and stuff.

i am looking at CMG, FWLT, LVS, WYNN(thx gio)...MON... as potential puts. let this bounce clear a bit

Earnings next week Tuesday in particular... UAUA, TXN, JNJ, HOKU, BAC, AAPL (them again)... i am looking for a short-term bounce and i hate to say it, but AAPL will likely get pumped prior to earnings... but they always seem to lowball the next Q guidance. so, iʻll set up for that...

Props go out to Gio in shorting FXP... if anything, after this short-term fall, it now forms a base to go to the 100s. i will wait patiently to buy FXP calls(expensive) iʻd rather go FXI puts... yes he got choked by shorting SRS too... but hey he won out in the balance sheet...

I canʻt find anything interesting for me to buy today... i will enjoy this weekend and hold my positions


Gio said...

Good move on sTx. shows u what every1 thinks of tech when their report doest excite bulls. Yea, b patient with wynn and het... Their time will come. The premiums on fXp were soooo ridiculous, that people who are long there are like, 'what the heck? Market down 100 points and fXp is down 5
9 percent???' ... Hahahaha. I had about 12k in shorts.

Fly must be pissed at that. I don't think anyone believed that would happen. But yeah, fxp to 100 eventually. Ill buy it in the 80s.

Gio said...

Oops, that should read 5 to 9 percent

Gio said...

Bush.. LoL. We learned this in my history class. Before president gets the boot, he does all kind of mad spending and proposals.