Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ben Presses Button

it took awhile for things to settle upward. but ben did it. in the end, he did somewhat stabilize things. now earnings reaction will not be as exaggerated. i am unsure whether that is good or not (especially for bears).

i had everything green for awhile, but failed to close positions, especially WFC, thinking weʻll have another bad day tomorrow. so now i am back in the negative. *sigh*

i allowed things to melt up without placing a single call at the moment. not smart...

i bot a bunch of stuff mostly at the end of the trading day, still leaning on puts:
MOT feb12, IWM mar63, SYMC feb15, WB feb25(dumb)...
MOT & SYMC i think are just fundamentally in trouble, it was a market trade but pure earnings. IWM may have been a bad idea, with the Fib bottom at this tier @ 63... then again, i think we go lower past Feb.
AAPL feb135 & call(forgot which strike)... i think trading AAPL again may cost me, but it seems that conservative guidance has been the hallmark of AAPLʻs stock movement. this one stock could lead a mini-rally or bring things right back down again.

To those who visit Timʻs site, doesnt he owe Ben big time for bailing him out of his NDX calls? i think so... funny, he flips right around and buys NDX/RUT puts. he is after all a bear.

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