Friday, January 11, 2008

Clear the DECK

The stars have aligned (TIM & FLY agree). Deck boots, i have never seen them... but when i saw the stock price. i went cheap (Feb 100 puts), nice thing with bear markets, stocks fall faster than most rise in bulls (sans FSLR last earnings or IPOs). See chart at time of this typing (1:05pm EST), technical view is that itʻs touch the 50 EMA that now serves as resistance, if it fails to stay above yesterdays low 138.5... then thatʻs it. Although the 200 EMA sits above 100

I sold my AKAM put. My first solid winner 125% profit for a measly position elsewhere.
Props to Gio for shorting/putting MA... consumer tie in yes?
My previous post mention gold... funny i forgot to get in on it. itʻs at 900/ounce...
- any suggestions on which options to buy? NEM? AUY? something else?

I have replaced my China watch stocks with a Split Alert and will continue to add to the earnings list


Gio said...

Wow, DECK looks ugly today. Good heads up. You shorting them? Pull out a 5 month chart, and DECK has a nice H&S pattern. No wonder Fly and Tim screened it. I'll be buying OTM puts. I'll have to wait though, because we could get another bounce during earnings season... I'm looking for INTC to gvie the super oversold Nasdaq a bounce. That's why I covered all my GRMN shorts and sold all my MA puts today. I'm still deciding when to sell the rest of my GRMN puts.

On the next bounce, short RIMM. I found a Fib-retracement match on them. I'll post it later.

Gio said...

Good short on AKAM. Stock almost cut in half in the past 5 months. Good exit point too. AKAM has a really ugly 1 year chart. bleh.

My gold pick is still... EGO. Approaching a new all time high. I wish I held on. I sold after that stupid environmentalist strike. I oughta find those creeps and through empty cans of monster at them.