Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Early Morning...

It seems we're headed for some kind of bounce. Although not all securities are equal. If the pop does indeed happen, GIO mentioned he may SHORT FXP & logically LONG FXI... personally, i'm not into risking a falling knife, but china/Asia really sold off...and their part of the world had tremendous rallies post FED cut. had we done just that when the FED acted, we'd already be sitting with green.

DECK seems eventually headed for a crash... when? who knows... but the reward is great and patience is required.

the FED has only slowed the fall, not prevent it. for now, as i mentioned, this bogus bounce will not prevent weak earnings/guidance.

i will sell AAPL 1/2 hour into the session. Apple will be a solid LONG when all this stuff gets sifted. they seem to be grabbing marketshare everywhere (1/2% increase = about a $billion revenue). it turns out the subscription cut they receive was a good idea, if sales do slow. For now it's AAPL shorting/puts

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