Tuesday, January 22, 2008


First off. the market was closed on Monday. i think it should close on all holidays. none of this half day stuff, since it confuses me.

And well, the correction *ahem* (bear market) continues . Asia crashes, Europe doesn't quite fall as hard, but closed red nontheless.

I don't plan to enter new positions. Gio in thinking to strangle AAPL. he got much more guts than i do. if it falls hard enough, i may do a meager call/put position just prior to close. it will blow by earnings, and will have much iPhone/Mac marketshare news to share, the question tho is guidance.

the only chart that looks attractive to buy further puts is UAUA. It actually received some upgrades recently, oil droping helps, but i don't think recession does.

Jan 23 seems to have more interesting trades, tho i will have to skim a few charts.

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