Monday, January 14, 2008


thx guys for participating in my sad blog...

Gio: No way i plan to short AAPL... rather it was NFLX i was referring to... they will be another Napster, Sony, Virgin Music, et al. AMZN is the only competition for music/movie downloads i see as being a threat. oh and nice play on EDU, i didnʻt see that one on the earnings list... let alone SHLD, man i missed that one.

mytone: thx for contributing. AAPL will indeed break quickly on bad news. i am merely positioning for Mr. Jobs to pump the stock up prior to earnings... which heʻs done for the last 4 years or so. they had some aggressive guidance for this past Q. if they beat then Jobs will likely brag on units sold for Macs vs. PCs and iPhones vs. other smartphones (he likely wouldnʻt use RIMM in the conversation). Market share going forward is what he can sell to investors.

regardless of how MacWorld goes tomorrow financially. the products are always interesting. Jobs is the best ever marketing CEO of all time, especially in Tech.

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