Monday, January 28, 2008


all things considering... this stock will win the one day percentage fall of the year. i thought AAPL would win.

i look longingly at what a cheap put buy would have resulted tomorrow.
o.k. (5 seconds...) iʻm over it...

many more high flyers on the board this week. let the FED pump them up first.
this fall impresses the point that for any stock we see as fundamentally unsound. no rate cut will save them

Shout out to Gio. i keep forgetting to add WYNN to my hotel list

So officially... HET, HOT, LVS, WYNN...
I also want to do a stock shout out: SHW... maybe they lose $ not having enough new houses to paint, or they make $ with people relegated to painting their shack... looking at the after-hours, they are already trading red, bummer i thought i could wait til tomorrow

Tomorrow i will watch VMW crumble... look at the rest of the eco news this week, they all involve the negatives for consumer: oil, employment, consumer confidence, inflation - man i should have traded for long puts in VWM & SNDK. Maybe the Big Boys were doing a fake out in pushing the market up, to sell their longs and short for the rest of this coming month.

I think Gioʻs take on MA is right on. it has a ways to go down... many more stocks will fall...

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Gio said...

Thanks for the props. Haven't you heard, I am now Dr. Gio. Hahaha! Anyway, I'm a little afraid VMW might bounce a little. But the timing is quite nice, I mean, who's gonna want to pick up some "cheap VMW" shares the day before the Fed?