Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mondayʻs Action...

SNDK, VMW, report after market close. the thing is they are too oversold, tho VMW can go lower (Aug 26 low: 71.44). Guidance is key in all reports... regardless of past earnings. i will decide whether to get some puts on them

VZ on the other hand, i have no idea when they report... i will forego the trade on the action of the day.

I already have AXP, BDK & HAL in play... hope they score wins...

At the end of the day... Tuesday earnings before the market... iʻll check them out tomorrow.

There are a lot more important things to do... In the "Near Future" there will be more cataclysmic things to worry about.

Nikkei down about 4%(Japanese recession news), Han Seng -4.5%, Strait -3.96%... Oh and Europe opens in the red....line up them puts.

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Gio said...

DUDE! I hope you got puts. VMW missed on Revs! Ouch. Market was hoping for a blow out.