Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Struck Gold!!! Well, Not me...

Right across the board gold related stocks bucked the trend. Have we bottomed? A guy named Tim is convinced weʻre in for a short-term bounce.

Back to gold. GG, AU, AUY, ABX, NEM GFI... take your pick (calls)... u made $$$ today
My previous post regarding hotels - all fell HOT, HET, LVS, MGM, (btw, wrong tickers for La Quinta not "LQI" and Extended Stay not "ESA")... Thus my meager LVS is "putting" a little $ in my Portfolio A.
Obviously Tech: AAPL, RIMM, GOOG, et al stunk it up... which i like... for now
INDEX: IWM if it falls past 70 thatʻs it... put buying fiesta (not necessarily in IWM)

Tomorrow holds no eco news just more opportunities to create confusion. Gio has been kind enough to nudge me to trade my hypothetical views (without having told me to do so). My paranoia in losing even more $ has served me well thus far, but i click on the execution button with a heightened sense of getting out (preserving profits). Unfortunately, my funds are in a state where i am unable to day-trade (if my levels stopped) since it would flag to my account. However, I find my picks more in focus than last year.

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Gio said...

Short MA on next bounce. Gas will hurt consumer report.... real real bad. Nasdaq a bit oversold... all the buyers are still on vacation. They should bring it back up in a few days.

TIE falling apart! PUTs are hot, but not many traders here.