Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pre-Market... Pre-MacWorld

first of all, SHLD didnt have an earnings report my first mistake. it was a profit warning. (or no profit)

Pre-market news:
Citi stunk up the joint as expected... (worse than Street expected)
FXI is deep in the red... (so i may have sold my FXP prematurely.)
EDU reporting as i type this (Gio has them short)
AAPL trading red as is most of the market...

i don't have a day-trading acct otherwise i would have bought AAPL today and sell in a flash if there was no news today. MacWorld Keynote is 9am PST.

part 2 of the Plan... sell AAPL on hopefully good news. and wait what happens after the FED. and get more DECK, LVS on green signs.

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