Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Slept Through ...

I basically overslept today... thankfully. i missed how boring of a day Fed day turned out to be. I have no Long position. Cash sits >70% of my total portfolios. Big Ben saved the market from crashing. The bulls were not confident at all to keep the leaders at or near their highs of the day.

I missed getting in on HOT. However, they are supposedly reporting tomorrow 1030a, so maybe there is some time for me to get some puts. Related hotels: LVS & WYNN, both have calls AND puts in the negative. you cannot complain about a bad entry either way, hope it stays that way tomorrow. i guess i may be getting up early. but i have AMZN considerations before dumping cash in the toilet. After-market, altho happily in the red is far from being VMWish.

GOOG reports after market tomorrow. the options look TOO expensive (especially for me). So, looks like it is the hotels that i will be targeting tomorrow (btw, i cant wait for Target to finally be here)

There are rumors going around that MOT may no longer do mobile phones. I dont believe it myself, but the fact its talked about merits how this would impact the industry.


Gio said...

Why is AMZN down? They had stellar conferenace call. Maybe expectations were low.

Gio said...

Target!... I heard its owned by the french govt. Hehe. Text me if the price of amazon starts to go up. Hmmm. Or not. I think, I'm gonna ride the broken support at 71.

Did u get to go to the platinum party?