Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Puts Galore...

Right after my MacWorld fiasco... like right after i saw the price of the MacBook Air, i actually did something productive and bought the following:

AAPL: Feb145put
INTC: FEB20put
WFC: Jan25 & Apr22.5put
JPM: Mar32.5put

i wonʻt be suprised if a reactive bounce happens... thatʻs been the kind of day that shows my blog name was the perfect name for my poor execution... weʻll see how tomorrow goes.

on the positive side of for future iPhone users... IBM Lotus apps with the iPhone could present a real challenge to RIMM going forward. As Mr. Jobs pointed out marketshare number of Smartphone/iPhones sales falling only behind RIMM


Gio said...

Yo stuck... Intc missed, gonna get ugly first few hours I think. Those intc will work good.

Fly left me a post, asking me about EDU... Why is he asking me? Besides, he's too late.

All kinds of trendlines will be broken tomorrow, so, sell those rallies.

Gio said...

You outta longs? Sold MON?

I think solars get a bounce tomorrow. YGE was hugely oversold. So, I don't know which way to play... short tech or long solar, both should be winners.

... I noticed u playing earnings against the financials. I think a good strategy is to track all the tech stocks reporting the next few weeks and just buy puts on any bounce... if INTC can breakdown, then I'm sure 80% of tech stocks will sell-off.