Thursday, January 31, 2008


So it seems no company can be the bull the bucks the trend in Tech/Internet related stocks. altho, AMZN posted a gain. The question tomorrow is how will the Nasdaq react. I wished i got in on some index puts. but i couldnt stay by my laptop til the market closed. i really thought they would beat the street.

MOT got handed some smack from RIMM & AAPL handsets. DELL is behind the curve, but its a smart move on their part, as computing goes mobile. They will undoubtedly plug into Googleʻs mobile open source OS. Time will tell how quickly DELL can implement a mobile strategy. MSFT seems to be the ultimate loser in the Mobile OS wars (PALM included).

Back to stocks... COH, AEO were unwise trades. In fact, my Portfolio B (which didnʻt move til MacWorld), is at an all-time low. While my Portfolio A has been managed far better... risk wise. The financials and retail have killed my portfolios. The very sectors that deserve to crash... and they deserve to be taken to task for their irresponsible greed.

So, i will end this post by saying that i have broken one of the main rules in trading in a bear market (itʻs in one of the books i am reading). Limit trades to absolutes - high percentage trades. I have gotten a little carried away of late in plugging puts, when the market has been flat to a slight bounce. There is no question as to the years end being lower than the beginning.

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