Monday, January 7, 2008

Confused Today... PREDICTION!

Iʻm a little unsure as to why FXP went down... itʻs big names for the most part remained flat if not in the negative. All the pro blog traders noted a technical bounce today. but in the end the trend for the day is in the red.

i am really missing the boat on a bunch of stocks being shorted/sold. but in the end my being conservative is what will allow me to participate in a more meaningful way down the road.

Solars are getting whacked today. a buy here? not for me...yet... FSLR actually got an upgrade today.

I am totally thinking the travel industry as a whole will be getting worse... They have already been pounded last year. A good thing for those of us wanting a cheaper place to stay. That unfortunately will have a domino affect especially for places like Hawaii...and Florida. It goes without saying that the airline industry will fare the same if not worse though they are already at their lows

Hotel stocks i am checking out...
Higher End: rich people will still travel, but even rich people can lose money
Mix of both
-HOT (already at itʻs 52 wk low)
Low End: these are the places where most of us are staying
-LVS, MGM, HET, BYD, MGM (of these LVS & MGM are still heading lower, HET trades at a narrow range... but if it breaks 70 i am buying puts. i am hesitant to touch LVS & MGM.

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