Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Putting" some $ to work with LVS March puts after selling a few FXPs(which i shoulda sold @80)... Technical bounce today... Gio suggested i couple LVS trade with MPEL. But there is little if no action there. It has been awhile since i bought any options... So, the only $ involved is in my portfolio A. I still have a smidge of AKAM Feb put as well.

He suggested GRMN as well...if it fails to break above the last high i may jump in there as well.

I remain conservative in my risk.
So far this year I have missed the can't go wrong puts in line with the jobs report and MON earnings report (RIMM was in December but it felt like just a few weeks ago, where i planned to buy calls with the intention of switching to puts the next day).

So, I will await AAPL action next week. This week may very well have a bounce as all the pros are saying. But thereafter is another deal.

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Gio said...

FxP back at $80. Could go higher. Did you see SRS?!! Wow, up $15 from the bottom, and this is an ETF.

... did you see the market just collapse today? Smack them dead cat bounce hunters.

I'm going bargain hunting around Thursday. We're getting a bit oversold.