Tuesday, January 22, 2008


if you wanted a short/put position today, you are too late...

FXP will be making alot of people rich today! of course, i failed to place an aftermarket position on friday, altho we all knew this day was coming. the good news is that all my positions should be ringing in green

btw, DECK falling nowhere as fast as Tech, Energy, Solar, Finance. bummer...

For the AAPL trade, it may very well happen, premarket touched <149 (below august low!, but recovered slightly. so a quick call position at the end of the day is now possible and as well as a put position.

The market has decided, regardless of earnings... red, red, and more red. i do think this day will end better than Friday... or not as bad


Gio said...

So exciting! I woke up exactly 430... I don't know, my body knows when the market opens. LoL. I tried shortin FXP at 108 and 101... but no shares to short. That was weird. So I ended up buying a bunch of longs, like 30k worth. HUGE SALE!

.. the Dow was down over 400 points at one point, and I was like, no way this is staying this low. Buy the panic!

... unfortunately, all my stranggles were messed up. That really sux. Calls are cheap, but puts have ridiculous ask prices. I'm putting a limit order on AAPL, we'll see what happens.

Gio said...

AAPL options are messed up big. Look at all the March contracts... CALLS are GREEN, PUTS are RED! This is messed up. I'm trying to buy calls in RIMM instead.