Monday, January 14, 2008

Sticking to the PLAN

Reevaluating my positions i sold my puts in LVS & DECK, as well as FXP... all for this "bounce"
I missed that SHLD had earnings today, donʻt know how i missed that with my supposed Earnings Watch, alas another missed opportunity. Look for all the retail guys and short/put them.

I finally bought some Ag via MON Apr130calls... still kicking myself for not following my own advice a number of posts ago. Dec 4th to be exact!

So, the Plan, bought AAPL calls: Jan175 & Jan180 at the end of the trading day, thereʻs is always a little seling off at the end. buying @ the open would have been obviously better, but the hype thatʻs being built into the stock is not what i wanted nor expected... it may very well be well founded... the hammer shown today usually bodes well technically as it finished above the previous dayʻs high. the Keynote tomorrow will hopefully includes a sales update of the number of Macs & iPhones sold, being that they were so aggressive in the guidance.

If INTC does indeed beat the street then there is room for error on AAPL... as the market will hopefully pull in buyers of Tech. AAPL earnings are another story, they often fail to give solid guidance... and the stock falls for a couple days. so buyers beware.

If my PLAN doesnt work tomorrow, iʻm left to buying ETFs (FXP, SKF) and cheap solar AKNS (Thx Gio). At least i have MON.
OOPS forgot to buy NFLX puts...

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