Sunday, January 20, 2008


Well, technicals, FED rate cut (maybe Jan30), blah blah blah... all reasons for a bounce. sure, but as you all know a bounce literally means it will eventually head back down. so i welcome a bounce short-term.

China gloom is here. Bank of China has a subprime mess themselves
A trading buddy "Gio" got a nice short on *ahem* ultraputs (FXP). but as you all know itʻs set to go much higher.

Wait til the employment rate rockets higher, then the bears will have their day... i mean year...
Iʻm just buying puts... hereʻs my plan so far
Any stock that has 3 digits (DECK, CMG, FWLT, GS) are on my radar first.
any vacation related: LVS, HET, airlines
then any tech... especially semi. AAPL may survive longer than all tech
then any military heavy selling firm, if a democrat gets in office
lastly, small boxed retail...

This weekʻs earnings are full of questions... much to sift through.
Hereʻs hoping for a nice bounce Monday before Tuesdayʻs eco: jobless claims, home sales, crude inventory
Asia & Europe is getting pounded as i type this...


Gio said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Everyone is at the beach, and I'm stuck doing W-2s for a bunch of companies. ;-(

... hey, did you see the ViX, it has a huge spike, but is not near where I'd like it to be for a bounce. If we do fall tomorrow, I think I'll buy 20k worth of FXP, LoL! If we do bounce tomorrow (my feeling, since global sell off was an "effect" and not "cause" of America's sell off), I'm shorting SRS. I don't feel comfortable shorting at this level, but the volatility is worth shorting or going long these ultra-ETFs.... I never like to choose long term sides when the ViX and put-call ratios are at these levels.

Fly and Z are acting like headless chickens. Oh, Fly has a good list of companies that wasted money on stock buy backs last year... which means, they're temporarily screwed this year. Try shorting those companies... I know I will.

Gio said...

FXP is better than SKF or DUG.

Gio said...

Hey Stuck...

too many to choose from, but make sure you don't miss out on AAPL play. I'll post my stranggle tonight!!! Should be worth $. THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY!