Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I resist the temptation to flip to calls.

put sale...
AAPL: 235% gain
MOT: 341% gain

by far my best trades since the days of TIE and the iPhone release.

Now i wait for SYMC to report...
I will add to my positions based on other earnings... KLAC a possibility
Other semi's include: CY, BRCM, but they are already trading lower.
MSFT is expected to meet expectations, which would move Tech positive

My financial puts are taking a beating early... however, time is on my side. AND! i think there is some reloading for sell of happening.

My spec trade will be CAT... slowing economy, less things to build, outside of China getting ready for the Olympics


Gio said...

AAPL .... timberrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Gio said...

Good moves! Looks like shorting anything tech before earnings is almost a sure win! Hope those SYMC puts work out for u... I once had a near 1000 percent gain on them before. I shorted JaSo today like crazy. Going long stocks NoW!! covered all shorts. I haven't checked, but I'm sure the vix is completely battered. I'm guessing the 11.6k holds.

Gio said...

Wow! I'm a surgeon. I called THE BOTTOM! Check my comment above... I don't think anyone would have believed me when I said we'd get a pop today when the dow was down 300 points in the morning! That's almost a 500 point swing!!!