Wednesday, July 23, 2008

After-Market Winners... QCOM, AMZN...

My set up was for a definite trend. I missed entering QCOM/AMZN, but i was too unsure of the risk.

QCOM really blasted off (18% gain!) once word came out that they settled with NOK.
AMZN wasnt really a surprise, i prefer shopping there too if it doesnt involve clothes

The thing is these good earnings set up another day for a rally especially in tech. So it affirms my option call in AAPL, who i believe is worth $200.

USO falling is such a sure trend...

HOT is my spec... 2 weeks ago the hotels tanked. nothings changed except for oil falling, credit crisis continues. but we will see, maybe i lose my puts to an adjusted guidance based on projections oil dropping.

My next post includes tomorrows (July 24) after-market.

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