Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another AAPL reverse fade... incredible

Mind you this has to be perfectly timed...
Imagine you bought a call that was basically worthless, the aug180call was worth $1!!! if you watched it carefully. it ended the day at $114. So, say you spend $200, you now have 22,000+. Forget GOOG, now this is a return... on calls with the stock opening in the red!!! i am sure i didnt discover this, but its worth keeping note of...

The previous example of aug165calls is more likely... but the potential position is definitely a cool way that works well (as it works with the more natural mentality to buy something cheap which includes BOTH traders & long investors instead of selling short)

OK enough with that. Moving on to July 23/24

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Gio said...

I call it a Gap Up.

You should have paper airplaned that call option! SITFI! I hope you're holding on to some SNDK puts. That was sweet.