Thursday, July 31, 2008

August 1 after market/August 4 pre-... *sigh* enjoy...

August 1st aftermarket:
-CEGE: biotech.

that was easy...

August 4 pre-market:
-EYE: clever optic ticker. interesting options
-BBD: brazilian bank...
*CMED: china & medical... scary... but its all about the chart
-CTB: tires...
-DISH: bullish option buying today
-HBC: HSBC bank related
-HUM: more health/medical
-ICE: go check Gio site. a common ticker he trades
-GAS: natural gas... after winter, a definite put
*SBAC: they operate some of the wireless towers ur mobile phone rely on in the US, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands. VERY compelling Long. Look at the chart... the fundamentals do coincide. This is definitely a long play with a breakout due. it got blasted during the dot-com and 9/11. It has fought back gradually. it deserves its own write up. but i got other stuff to do

With that i will go do that other stuff now...

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