Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 24th After-Market possible positions: And July 25 Pre-Market...

*AVID: let me tell you they WILL fall. They are being undercut by Apples Software. Look at their long term chart and you see a definite correlation between Apple buying Movie related software from then Macromedia and the erosion of AVID. The option premiums are affordable. Note the sept12.5put interest/volume.
-BMY: drug companies been handily beating the street, it is possible here too.
-LLY: another drug company
-KMB: hygiene company.
*RSH: they are trying to replicate the Apple Store experience. ahem, problem is they sell a bunch of junk.
-RMBS: they were a headlining firm. and sued everyone too. toss up...
*SIRF: CHEAP strangle...
-WDC: hard drive prices keep going down, not sure if they provide drives for laptops. that is key, otherwise a definite short/put
-WYNN: Mr Wynn announced ahead of time, buying back more shares, and claiming to provide more jobs to fill his newest Casino. He said all the right things to boast the stock. But i heard that Vegas has left alot of people unemployed and a bunch of people are in foreclosure. Toss up... thus i prefer HOT/MAR.

There are other notables reporting July 24 pre-market, but its obviously too late if you do options. That being the case here are some positions for July 25 pre-market. Obviously have to be bought before July 24th session closes

*HMC: Honda hybrids kicking butt. notice the strong option call bias
-IFX: They are used to interface high speed data, especially supercomputers
-NFLX: They will do well, cheaper than DVDs and the Movies, recession friendly.

I placed an asterik(*) on what seems like lower risk.
Depending on HOT, i will refocus on some of these positions.

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