Monday, July 14, 2008

SOLD back to mother market

misfire GOOG aug400put (-23%): accidental buy... it was suppose to sell...

RIMM july95put (about -7 to 10% loss): i was just happy i almost broke even. i had a 200% gain once on these that didnt sell

LEH aug12.5put (-13%): looks like the FNM/FRE bailout will give a slight bounce here.

HOT aug30puts (50% gain): grab that profit and dont be greedy, looked like it bottomed for today (update: i was wrong). may reset at end of session

GOOG aug400put (100% gain): will rebuy somewhere on day of earnings, i saw a blip on the Bollinger real time that showed it might have reached bottom AND wanted to keep the profit to make up for the STUPID accidental buy at the market open.

So my portfolio stands with:
USO aug117call: pressure from stronger $US, but supply worries secondary to instability in suppliers

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