Friday, July 18, 2008

Learned A Few Things...

BIDU was a much better July option trade than GOOG... as well as RIMM
GOOG august is the only choice next time around... if on expiration day...

CONGRATS TO all the GOOG aug options holders, $NAS index, RIMM, BIDU holders.

i will give some props to ʻmytoneʻ who mentioned positioning BIDU instead of GOOG.

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Gio said...

I win the funny Goog competition, by like a few %. Actually, GOOG puts did better than BIDU... BIDU puts did not move that much today, but MSFT was the one to go for! How'd I miss that.

My real winner today was OSTK!!! Down over -40% ... what a horrible conference call.