Monday, July 21, 2008


SNDK october17.5puts AND aug22.5call (bear bias: didnt want to buy calls, just covering my butt)
YHOO aug15puts AND Jan32.5call (long bull bias, buyout merge spec)

RHT jan12.5put

chicken to trade: AAPL (i think it goes up +10) (update: bot Oct250call who knows, but i think they will surprise, its just the crazy guidance they keep giving usually stinks, i think AAPL is undervalued)

Waiting patiently to trade: HOT (i think it goes down -6)

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Gio said...

That's a nice looking YHOO stranggle you got there. Long term. You gotta SITFI ... "Set it then forget it".

I bought some ICE calls as a spec play. It's a paper-airplane trade.... who knows where it goes?