Monday, July 21, 2008

(Specific) Shooting Fish In A Barrel...

So much red has been in the market and yet we are still at the beginning of the earnings season. Financials have been a toss up because of the govt. But Tech on the other hand has been whacked. We could do it the easy way and short the Naz, but the returns are limited if done in that fashion.

So what specific tech/others to look to short/put:
JULY 22...
-BRCM: there is potential in iPhone orders, so beware. but the $5 options strike @17.5 may be worth a bunch at days end.
-CAT: reports prior to open, so maybe a bit late - but there is quite a ways to go down. options show interest up to -$10
-CHKP: reports prior to open. internet security software still in demand tho.
-ETFC: toss up. but cheap puts/calls. nice stragle.
-EW: call interest has increased per earnings.
-JBLU: airlines have been whacked for awhile, but still cheap puts
-LXK: printers. boring... its tech tho...
-RCL: vacation related. enough said. reports prior to open tho.
-UPS: dropped to 50 after 9/11 so it can still fall
-VMW: once a great bull play. dramatic swings. bad news may be priced in already

You might consider these positions before July 22 session ends.
July 23 earnings before opening bell:
-EMC: already whacked. most recent LOW 7.53(2002)
-MCD: pretty much recession proof, but will they meet street?
-BTU: will set the stage for coal/energy
-SKX: shoes. toss up... still in style?
-BA: alot of contract orders. more efficient planes. strangle?
-NYT: losing AD revenue... this stock was $7 in early 90's. option interest/volume show a bunch of strangles.
-TRV: insurance/finance... who knows...

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