Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 28 After-Market & July 29 Pre-Market

July 28 After Market:
-AMGN: options reasonable
-CBAK: china spec
-PPD: i actually have used them... boring stock
-RCII: hey, people renting furniture. hmm.
-(pre market)SOHU: too late to buy, but interesting to watch
-MOS: toss up. Ags benefit from oil run up may be over
-(pre market) VZ: strong put bias...

July 29 Pre-Market:
-ANR: BTU was the gauge, may end flat.
-CLR: crude oil/nat gas in mid west USA
*COH: buy a put here...
*ELNK: i am shocked they are still around... maybe a put(cheap!)
-HERO: oil down, but Prez says do more offshore drilling
-NOV: oil parts production related
-NCR: boring but essential automated stuff like ATMs
-RCI: basically a monopoly wireless carrier in Canada, btw, they sell iPhones
-RTI: titanium metals.
-MHP: education stuff boring. but alot of call volume last week
-VLO: how low can this go? bottom found?
*WMI: waste collection...they will never go out of business(cheap calls)

*I personally view as low risk when picking a direction. So basically at the end of Monday, I may buy puts in COH & ELNK, and maybe calls on WMI. Hope i dont get too distracted... again... COH, ELNK, WMI, but if i had to pick one its COH strangle with a strong put bias.

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