Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Specifics... COH, HOT, OMX, SBUX, SFLY, USO...

Ok. for now my rant on quitting just venting as OMX did in fact crash. my initial screen showed otherwise.

Now, regarding a few positions:
-USO: will likely drop yet again once the crude numbers are out.
-SFLY: my wife uses Kodak Ofoto. I prefer ʻMyPublisherʻ. So ITM puts...
-SBUX: they have been aggressive in cost cutting, so the stock will go with the general market trend INHO.

I think V will do well on guidance, but remember, they have less growth potential than MA.

COH was good on theory, but my execution stunk. I was fortunate to get back what I did. I should have sold when it showed pre-market that it probably wasnt going to drop like a rock. HOT was just a bad idea, the reflex bounce imminent and I ignored that fact.

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