Thursday, July 3, 2008

Unemployment Still Bad But Not Worse, Now what?

USO premarket with a has a sell off taking place...
DIA premarket in the green...


Anyway, I have decisions to make. Do I sell off everything?
Well, selling off USO might be a good idea at the open, then re-enter later. Mr Paulson has no idea how to fix oil prices. Its because he cant! He is part of the problem. He is making dough with the oil cartel.

Unemployment is steady... or as expected. 62K. Not sure exactly how they got the number.
So, regarding index puts, i really dont know how strong either way it will open. I do have time on my side regardless. I almost hope today stays flat so i can hold my index options next week. Thing is i want to cut any loses from a possible bounce...

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