Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Be Careful With Oil... Potential Earnings plays... AFTER-MARKET July 23.

Inventory report tomorrow. And it seems that the supply on average keeps increasing thereby dropping the value of oil. Hurricanes will be the lotto. But the long term is that oil will drop when the U.S. reverses interest rates. A long strangle on oil seems reasonable at this point. Some claim oil can still go to $300 (forget Goldman Sach target of $200) and others say it will get to below $100 again.

July 23 aftermarket:
AMZN: a fancier OTSK?
T(unknown earnings time): can AT&T claim more on their network with iPhone 3G?
BIDU: the Olympics are near... after that, then what...
FFIV: toss up, but a Cramer favorite.
LHO: small hotel franchise... maybe a put
NTGR: they cater to homes & small businesses... maybe a put here
NTRI: rally on low volume today - u know what that could mean
BTU(no time supplied): here is your energy catalyst
PHM: they might as well build for the homeless... maybe a put
QCOM: CDMA technology - i.e. Verizon. no iPhone for you...
TER: chip testers equipment *yawn*
ALL: Allstate, solid fundamentals

There are a bunch of pre-market earnings, namely BA & ATI, i already bought for the 23rd today...
btw, Airlines kicked butt today. Of course Oil dropping surely helped besides JBLU earnings.

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