Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sold HK puts (triggered)/Upcoming Week

I had to go to sleep... It was like 345am. the thing is i missed HK getting even lower. so, again left some $ on the table. But sell stop was set obviously too low. anyway, missed another 100%+ gain - ahem 350% to be exact. I will be content with a 33% gain.

In any case, i didnt know it was an abbreviated day to trade. I wanted to switch out my DIA puts for more USO calls.
We will see what the coming week of news will bring.

July 8 consumer credit/housing sales
July 9 crude inventories - AGAIN?
July 11 trade balance (not so clear cut indicator for US economy)

On hold
RIMM July100puts (i am trashing this next week)
RHT Jan12.5puts
USO july113calls (i expect some fireworks on monday not July 4)
DIA sept112puts (wish i sold half the position today)

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