Thursday, July 24, 2008

Failed Expectations... SOLD: HOT, APPL, USO

I did nail HOT... but my gain was somewhat slashed by my other positions. The best put would have been Aug40puts or MAR aug27.5puts... all in that is... either way i think HOT/MAR will continue lower.

-EMC aug15call... no way i was keeping this...
-HOT aug35puts... it didnt stay down, so i got out (too soon as a follow through likely happens tomorrow)
-AAPL sept175call was a bad idea, capital that should have went to HOT puts. i had a small profit but ended about 10% loss
-USO aug100puts was a good idea. yet capital going to HOT puts wudv been way better. but there is a possibility a small rally happens.

Radioshack started higher, hmm nice put entry.

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