Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bought MOT/EXPE puts

before i get into it. Oil supplies surprised me... Did the oil people fix the numbers? Who knows... Did the SEC know those numbers... imagine shorting everything today that was green yesterday!!!

MOT: oct7puts@.50 & aug7puts@.32

EXPE: aug17.5put@.55

Both charts had some suspicious buying IMHO. The fundamentals are so messed up i dont think these will stand. They seem to have followed OMX pattern yesterday.

The one thing that could permanently put my portfolio out of commission is some sort of buy out talk of MOT. They just reorganized their business units and CSCO or Ericsson could buy that piece, otherwise... they just have NO response to the iPhone/Blackberry battle. Its over... sad when u think how the RAZR was well ahead of its competitors. The didnt spend enough on R&D to stay ahead.

EXPE was more of a spec to me. It is obvious that they would have less tickets to sell and tighter margins. The airlines prefer that we use Orbitz as they get a piece of the action that way. Maybe i should have bought a PCLN put as well...

Tomorrow looks to be a huge bear of a day... they didnt have to wait for Friday after all.

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... keep it up stuck... I'm about to put your blog on the map.