Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am this close (*...*) to quitting...

OMX is having a bull aftermarket. Reading the earnings report... the common word used was ʻlossʻ and ʻdecreaseʻ. this is so mental... this sector is getting whacked and yet the stock moves up. illogical... i will go hide in a cave and pretend the market doesnt exist.

anyway, tmrw is another trading day - and the bulls have devaluating oil as leverage. thus my DUG oct call & short window USO Aug put, which i plan to sell quickly... alas, my only choice is to ride oil down long term. the choppy stuff has knocked my portfolio to shreds.

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Gio said...

Hey dude, hang in there! OMX getting whacked. I actually gotta go there today to buy some stuff. so, if it helps, i'll buy only clearance items.

A lot of people getting hit hard in this market. It's weird, but there's always a story underneath.