Thursday, July 17, 2008

GOOG stock begets BIDU... By the way, AAPL

These stocks are almost bound together. I dont think the same can be said for AMZN. They are purely retail...

GOOG/BIDU play off each other I am thinking whether i can position elsewhere to go off GOOG earnings. BIDU itself reports July 23. The Olympics is the unknown factor...

btw, AAPL is nearing 8% of US PC sales. Amazing... there is no need mention of iPhones. Their market share was 5% just 2 years ago. They grew 38% this Q alone. The irony of all this is that they were able to do this due to adding Windows-native capabilities. In the end Apple is a hardware company that uses software to differentiate itself. But the fact that they have the FASTEST desktop/mobile hardware to run Windows is just plain hilarious.

Anyway, I expect AAPL to give blah guidance and thus keep its stock from exploding upward. But I foresee huge movements maybe a couple days later, when people ingest the possibility that Apple may one day have 20% of the US market as it once did when they ruled. For now tho the economy stinks. It is sad that Apple wont let AAPL reflect the actual success of its business.

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