Monday, July 28, 2008

July 29 after market... long list...

July 29 After-Market:
*BWLD: i say PUTs!!! people will eat more at home/Costco microwave food
-BEXP: oil/nat gas
*CTX: family home builder... another PUT please....
-CEPH: drug co., sector been beating the street
-CTV: communication networks
-CVA: waste conversion to energy services in USA, Europe, Asia
-DENN: i dont eat here, but i have a friend named Denny.
-XRAY: dental related.
-DBTK: data protection recovery, especially during natural disasters
-DWA: i think they made some coin. kung fu panda...
-EQ: internet, satellite, wireless data provider
-ERTS: i think they made some coin on violent games
-EFII: ink...
-EOG: crude oil, nat gas exploration, production & marketing
-FISV: IT and e-commerce solutions
-HBI: Hanes... you know under there... oh, underwear.
-HIW: real estate, i think JLL/LFG have better puts
*HTCH: disk drive production. puts please, caution low volume.
-IDTI: semiconductor
*JLL: real estate... lots of put buying
*LFG: real estate title related. stock is $15, 52 wk hi was $79. mucho put volume
-LNC: insurance/investment management like Prudential.
*OMX: office max. PUTS!!!
-OSG: shipping like DRYS!
-MALL: they sell PCs. known as "PC-Mall". toss up... they could beat bad expectations
-PRAA: sounds like they are COLLECTION SERVICE for default loans, etc. yikes!
-RFMD: designs/builds radio frequency related for mobile communication/data
-SIMO: Fabless semiconductor shop, not well known, but option liquidity good
-SLW: silver production from silver purchased from GG.
-STAR: software, hardware, services for multimedia on mobile operators

i am biased towards buying puts in real estate and restaurants

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