Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 30 After Market

This list is way shorter than today
-CNQR: huge action. ave volume 700K, today 6 million from partial buyout
-DRE: real estate
-FSLR: are we in midrally form?
-(pre-market) GRMN: worth watching
*MRT: no options, but worth a short. overpriced steak
-MUR: oil
-OII: offshore oil/gas
-PRU: prudential insurance, finance
*O: commercial real estate
-SCRX: pharmaceutical
*SFLY: who uses shutterfly? put please...
-SWN: oil/nat gas in US
-SBUX: strangle please... maybe Jan calls/aug puts
-SPN: drilling for Nat gas/oil
-SYMC: the computer virus mafia
-TECO: sells electricity
-TSO: hmm toss up.
-V: better than AXP, that for sure
-DIS: toss up
-WILL: oil

i am partial to buying puts on SFLY and a SBUX strangle. I am unsure of V (a former fave of mine). Maybe play off of them with MA. The last time around V missed and MA beat. With the Olympics ahead of us, who knows.

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