Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 31 Pre-Market

ABX: gold baby
CCC: carbon, volume off what i remember when it was hot
CBS: television...
CEG: energy supplier. Electricity & regulated gas
CVS: drug retailer... solid call
EK: does kodak matter anymore?
*EXPE: travel was tough... put please
FPL: electricity provider
FTE: french telecom
GG: gold
IP: paper
K: cereal... yawn
MRO: oil/gas exploration refining
MA: lotto chip?
*MOT: they love *sarcasm* the iPhone/Blackberry... put please
NMX: nymex! i used to own shares @ the IPO
PTEN: oil/nat gas north america
PCCC: sells PCs...
TEF: spain, europe, latin america telecom
TSCM: ha!!!
TYC: security/fire alarm and bunch of stuff
WYN: do i really want to do hotels again? put if i do

I think MOT prospects are extremely poor at this point... worst than WYN & EXPE. CVS is the only bull play i would consider. i think these positions are better than my previous post on SFLY & SBUX.

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