Friday, July 25, 2008

Hats Off to another potential pick (GD)

Tim again has an interesting pick: General Dynamics
Tim is basing this completely on the chart. But what i find interesting is the fundamentals that could potentially go with it.
If Obama is prez (Democrat), u better believe combat/weapons producers will be in a panic. And yet the put options listed are DIRT CHEAP! If it crashes anytime before Obama gets in can you imagine what happens then?

The new prez gets voted in late November. Thus, this is one of those you leave alone and maybe check out once a week

60 put
Jan09 bid/ask @ .35/.40
Feb09 bid/ask @ .45/,60
Jan10 bid/ask @ 2.0/2.35

Tim has nailed so many "what stock is that..." securities in a small window. But this is one example of a potentially huge payout much like shorting housing market (which i bought in the fall of 2006, and got out before the actual housing crisis, but we all saw it coming.)

Competitors/Related securities: LMT, NOC,
Less related: RTM, BA

Back to watching grass grow a.k.a HOT/MAR bulls & bears battling it out.


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