Tuesday, July 1, 2008

AMTD is awesome... USO sold...

For the life of me i couldnt remember my additional security passwords when i am on a shared computer. i had to do a phone trade... like the 3rd in my life. the execution was instant. and she gave me the internet price for the trade.

she then helped me to have access with the computer i was using at work.

on top of that i had a solid sell (my minimum 15% gain) i got a market sell that 2 minutes later was no longer available on my USO july110call. it may very well run up til the crude numbers, but its fine with me. i was relieved not to have lost this one. bummer tho, i had an even greater gain if i remembered whether i did set my sell stops or not. Anyway...

PROPS to Ameritrade.

Other stuff...
PCLN keeps dropping. I refuse to chase... or enter until July 2 or the end of todays session.
i await numbers in about 1/2 an hour on crude. will wait for reaction and move into USO & HK, which may happen at sessions end.

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