Monday, July 28, 2008

Narrowing List

Well, the July 29 earnings after market list is long.
So basically i am looking at fundamentals of the ones i picked out as somewhat low risk rather than high return. I am looking at a few charts

BWLD attempting to get over the 50 MA. Me think not. Ok maybe a strangle. the open hammer is somewhat bullish, but its all about guidance. I think people will in fact eat out even cheaper if not eat at home

OfficeMax. They have been in a world of hurt for some time The worst is not over

Real Estate: CTX, JLL, LFG. They all have similar patterns and are near their all time lows. The fact that JLL is more global in its assets has kept its value up although percentage wise it has fallen like the rest in its sector. There are some option deals that are dirt cheap.
CTX 12.5 puts @ aug/sept/oct u get to choose your risk
LFG 15 puts @ aug/sept (.45?)/dec
JLL is at a premium. and its global portfolio buffers downside losses from US properties.

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